Sir Patrick Stewart: All The World's A Stage
That pic of Sir Patrick Stewart next Scolari in Brazil, HE is receiving an 'official' team shirt, all neat and pretty. But bad news on McAvoy's side: James got a (very) low quality, bad painted and "fake" looking shirt. It shows how Sir Patrick is respected in Brazil, and how there was a real effort to give him something that is important for them.

I noticed that, too. (I’m a big soccer fan and I was a little puzzled as to why Sir Patrick got a ‘real’ shirt and McAvoy did not.) I don’t know the exact reasons/have no more background information, so, I can’t speculate any further… I’m just glad Sir Patrick got that shirt because I know that he’s a huge soccer fan and the shirt will mean a lot to HIM as well (he is most likely VERY much aware of the respect it represents, any soccer fan would be, regardless of which country they support, a REAL Brazil shirt is SPECIAL).

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Sir Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy with Luiz Felipe Scolari (x)

Sir Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy with Luiz Felipe Scolari (x)


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James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart at the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere in São Paulo, Brazil (May 15, 2014)

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