Sir Patrick Stewart: All The World's A Stage

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Sir Patrick Stewart, SERET 2014, London (6/21/14, x)

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It is Paturday, y’all!

It is Paturday, y’all!

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Sir Patrick as Max Winters (TMNT)

I just watched Sir Patrick in the TMNT movie, and his voice acting was wonderful. Hell, that was the reason I watched it. Got any Winters stuff from the film? :) Also: Bless this blog and his shiny head.

I loved his performance in the TMNT movie as well although I’m clearly biased in more than one way because I’ve always been a TMNT fan (especially Donnie). I can’t even express just HOW thrilled I was when I heard that Sir Patrick would be voicing a character in a TMNT movie. I’d been hoping for Shredder because MAJOR CRUSH but hey, can’t have everything. It was similar to the excitement I felt when he narrated that Resident Evil Retribution teaser trailer - I just love it when he “collides” with  things/fandoms I like.

I shall post some Max Winters screencaps at some soon-ish point, no problem! Until then, here is a video in which Sir Patrick goes on about the Turtles and their relationship and it’s one of the most adorable things ever (he starts at around 2:30).

And thank you so much, I’m glad you like this blog!

Sir Patrick & uniforms

You’re very welcome! <3

You’re very welcome! <3