Sir Patrick Stewart: All The World's A Stage

Go get those geckos" (x)

(7/27/14, x)

It’s Paturday, y’all!

It’s Paturday, y’all!

Ah, okay, thanks for answering!

Sure, any time! :)

Wait, so are Ian and Patrick a couple? Sorry to ask, I'm just a bit confused.

It’s okay, I’m happy to answer questions! No, Sir Patrick and Sir Ian aren’t an actual couple - as much as many people would love that. ;)


I just want a comedy tv series starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen, telling the story of two best friends who have the best of times together and love each other unconditionally. 

So yeah. Basically I want a reality show following them. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch that.

"Keeping up with McStewart"

Throwback Thursday: Sir Patrick gets his Walk Of Fame star (1996)

such a wonderful man